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IOT – Internet of things

The coming era cannot stay away from the internet so we have designed for the students to make them the successor of today’s and tomorrow’s internet world.

What is the concept of IOT?-Modern world is more dependent on internet. Our course is designed in such a way that it is for the neediness of the modern world. This course will examine and take you through the things that make up the Internet of Things including information on the connection of the components and how do they add value to the generated data. We try to cover the IOT products and services through this course. We have designed the syllabus as the best way which our students can master the course; devices for sensing, actuation, processing and communication is included in our course. For learning the course the eligibility criteria that our students should have is graduates (10 + 2 + 3) in any discipline from a recognised University/ Institute with minimum 50% aggregate marks. Only the duration of 4 + 2 month is enough for the trainees to train our learners to become the master in this IOT course. This and the coming era cannot stay away from the internet so we have designed for the students to make them the successor of today’s and tomorrow’s internet world.

Our students will get an opportunity to learn how to design independently using his/ her own creativity, code and build IOT products. Participants of our course will learn to work with the Microcontrollers (Arduino, NodeMCU), Displays, and Sensors, Keypads, Relays, work with man (220/110) and much more. Our students will become experts in using Ethernet and Wifi shields. They are trained to use to code Arduino IDE from basics. Our expert instructors will make our learners to learn how to connect to cloud IOT platforms, persist data, program triggers and more. Learners also learn to design PCB using Fritzing and also they will learn Designing, Casing, Soldering and more.

This course can assure you a great experiential account from the experts in the industry. Mutual concern of this course is what time demand is offered. The participants can work on Industry-specific use cases and Real projects. Course looks forward for the Professional standards in both infrastructures and trainers. Participants will be updated technologically even after the completion of the course. This course supports and develop the Soft skills and 100 percent placement assistance is offered for trainees which gives you better job opportunities. The most modern facilities and high- tech classrooms are provided for the participants which is fully practical classroom. The Academic certification offered by this course opens you the door to the modern industrial world. Your work with the experienced persons will help you to build more skills and makes you confident in creating own designs, code and in building IOT products. Each practical classes with the experts gives the learners a great future with the experiential account in this area. Course is designed in a way to build a good future for our learners and the internet technological field and will leverage knowledge across IOT related functions in the workplace.

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